It’s endearing, easy to share with people you love.
There are times when I am so quiet that I think, maybe, I don’t even remember how to speak anymore.
But how could that be? Eh?!
It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; but I’m never a person with a strong voice in a room, and that’s how it has been all my life. But, I’ve come a long way (There are people around me who think that I don’t work on it. They don’t know that I’ve been working on it from past 20 years).
No, I do not need a therapist (I have MY bunch of “FRIENDS” for that.)
Someone dear to me once asked me that why do I not speak much, even when I have such rolling sea of thoughts?
How do I tell him, once I start resenting someone it’s too difficult to go back and talk all over again.
..also I cannot speak all the time; isn’t that a quality of an introvert?

Anyway, Can’t we just sip our cup of Tea and listen to “The Sound of Silence” maybe? 🙂

Published by altruisticwritings

Aloof. Love watching the Sky. Books. Tea. Music. Shells on the Beach. :)

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