Happy Birthday Papa!

When was the last time I showed my affection towards my father?
I can’t recall.
Because I never do.

He is amongst the ones that I love and adore the most.

I always fall short of words when my love towards a person is enormous.

I know and I understand that he has done many sacrifices in his life; to give us this life.
Whatever we are today is the result of his hardwork.
Even at this age he’d continue doing so to provide livelihood to us.
He’s seen the hardest of times, I know.
But, he never says anything regarding it, I know that too.
I’ve never seen him giving up on anything.
He is the strongest pillar of our family.

Also, I think, not showing much affection is kind of hereditary. Don’t we always say that love is to be seen in the smallest of gestures and not in something loud.
He is making us midnight tea from past two days.

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

My mom always says, “Like Father Like Daughter”.
Well, I take it as a compliment. šŸ˜‰

Happy 58th Birthday Papa! šŸ™‚

Keep your big laughs and high fives coming. ā¤ļø

Published by altruisticwritings

Aloof. Love watching the Sky. Books. Tea. Music. Shells on the Beach. :)

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