Flashes of Memories,
Taking away all my worries.
Capturing all our laughs,
My heart, keeps sane with a photograph.

All I am content with, is kindness.
Pictures bringing back my fondness.
Yearning to be with you,
As you are, my sky in blue.

I looked so happy as a child,
Nobody knows, I was always defiled.
Emotions too strong,
Now, everything seems wrong.

We were once singing Breathless,
Now, the night looks endless.
Holding the picture in my sight; every night,
I know, I’ll somehow sleep alright.

I get that nothing lasts,
Tell me, is that some spell that you’ve cast?
I have stopped writing you paragraphs,
Because darling, I’m keeping my heart sane with a photograph.

Published by altruisticwritings

Aloof. Love watching the Sky. Books. Tea. Music. Shells on the Beach. :)

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