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I am not a person who is fond of changes in life.

There was this one change in my life that I wanted real bad though!
And that was moving to a new city.
I was living in the same city for like 23 years of my life.
I was aware that it would only be real, if I ever got a job and luckily I got one after college.
I just wanted to stay on my own, earn money on my own. That’s it. No huge plans.
I love my family but I also liked the idea of being independent and having a sense of freedom.

Then there was a change in people I was living with, they moved to different cities and then I had to live alone. That was the real one that I had to cope up with.
Your roommates become an integral part of your life and you don’t even realise it till the day you part ways.
I really don’t make emotional bonds with people so easy. It’s a huge task to let them know me.

Change in friendships hurt me a lot. The bonds that seemed strong are no more the same.
I am aware that we can just maintain a certain amount of people in our lives at a point of time. Few that you can count on your fingertips, only those are important in your life. (I hope you imagine atleast 5 people while reading this).
Least that we can do is be happy for them wherever they are and accept the change.

Changes are necessary for you to grow, one can fear it a little but shouldn’t run away from it.
Who knows, maybe, that’s the change you were looking for from all this time.
It’s easier said than done, I know.

Also, I’ve decided I won’t be reading any romantic novels this year and explore some other genres. That’s one small change I am heading towards. What is that one change you are looking for this year?


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Aloof. Love watching the Sky. Books. Tea. Music. Shells on the Beach. :)

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