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I get very excited when it comes to gifting anything to my loved ones on their special days.
Even more excited when I have so many thoughts about what to gift them. That’s when I’m sure that I really know this person.
I had been making gifts for my friends from quite a long time now. But there have been 2 such gifts that I’ve made up till now that literally did justice and I remember how happy I was while making them.
I am quite fond of handmade gifts.
Buying an apt gift is also not that easy, but making a gift all by yourself takes a lot of effort and an ample amount of time. You gotta love that person enough and have a lot of patience too, else a lazy person like me would never be able to make anything for anyone.

First is the Harry Potter themed glass bottle.
I never expected that the end result would be this good. I decorated 2 more glass bottles, would post a picture of them too.
This gift brought a smile to my roommates face and also enlightened the room.
What else would I need?
For her to take it with her when she left, but she did not.
I’m slightly possessive about the handmade gifts that I make for anyone.
I’m not expecting them to keep it in a safe. But I want them to keep it. That’s it.
When I see that they don’t take care of such things. Least I could do is stop giving them anything. We are still great friends but no more handmade gifts for you. 🙂

*Imagine Harry Potter’s theme music in the background*

Second is the jigsaw puzzle that I made-
I like to call it my masterpiece 🙂
It is by far the best thing that I’ve ever made.
I had so many ideas for this puzzle, but I chose these 3.
He introduced me to all these movies or series.

  • In Bruges” inspired drawing. One of the best movies with the best soundtrack.
  • Inspired from one of the episodes from “The Office” where Pam makes a sketch of Dwight and he goes around and sticks it in the entire area without realising that it’s his own sketch.
  • Our favourite character from “Final Space“.
    Tribore Menendez.
    Does he have six eyes? Yes he has.

Hoping that atleast he keeps it nicely.

Does any of you think that hadmade gifts are the most elite gift items? Even if it’s just a small card, does not have to be anything huge. Let me know in the comments below.


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