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The Women!

Every other post you see on social media today says that Women’s Day should not be celebrated just today, but every other day.It’s true and I agree.They should be appreciated at every aspect of life.A women plays N number of roles in her lifetime.But this post is particularly for my wonder women, which is myContinue reading “The Women!”


I get very excited when it comes to gifting anything to my loved ones on their special days.Even more excited when I have so many thoughts about what to gift them. That’s when I’m sure that I really know this person.I had been making gifts for my friends from quite a long time now. ButContinue reading “Presents!”


I am not a person who is fond of changes in life. There was this one change in my life that I wanted real bad though!And that was moving to a new city.I was living in the same city for like 23 years of my life.I was aware that it would only be real, ifContinue reading “Change!”

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