Going back in time.

No matter what I say, I know that human relationships matter a lot to me. Maybe that’s why I somehow distance myself from people who matter to me. I am, mostly, scared of getting hurt. Nevertheless, I have a story of a night from more than a year ago which I remembered so profoundly yesterdayContinue reading “Going back in time.”

How to become a memory.

A screenshot saved in the gallery, A movie ticket neatly folded and tucked away in the wallet, A tiny bruise which left a faint mark on your body, A photograph hidden for you to see every night, A date circled on the calender of your mind that you remember so profoundly, You skip songs likeContinue reading “How to become a memory.”


Flashes of Memories,Taking away all my worries.Capturing all our laughs,My heart, keeps sane with a photograph. All I am content with, is kindness.Pictures bringing back my fondness.Yearning to be with you,As you are, my sky in blue. I looked so happy as a child,Nobody knows, I was always defiled.Emotions too strong,Now, everything seems wrong. WeContinue reading “Photograph!”

Happy Birthday Papa!

When was the last time I showed my affection towards my father?I can’t recall.Because I never do. He is amongst the ones that I love and adore the most. I always fall short of words when my love towards a person is enormous. I know and I understand that he has done many sacrifices inContinue reading “Happy Birthday Papa!”

The Apology!

PART 1- Do we ever forget? How easy is it for a person to apologise for their mistakes?Also, are apologies even legit?We accept it sometimes and the other times we don’t even want to hear it out.We get to hear it sometimes but we don’t want to accept it.Sometimes, we don’t want to say thatContinue reading “The Apology!”

Friday- Fear of the approaching weekend!

I am never happy on a Friday. Most people who are working professionals, that’s the only day they are awaiting, right?I mean, why shouldn’t they? More of the reason I don’t like it is because people around me were just making their weekend plans. I don’t make plans often.I don’t want to be included inContinue reading “Friday- Fear of the approaching weekend!”

Walking away!

Learn, to walk away from people and places whom you no longer seek. Learn, to walk away when a slight self respect is left within you. Learn, to walk away before they leave you for someone they decide is better. Learn, to walk away before you start thinking that you’ll never be enough. Learn, toContinue reading “Walking away!”

The Act of Disappearance!

I sometimes think of different ways to vanish from this life.No, I don’t mean I wanna die.I wonder if it’s possible to go to a place where nobody knows of your mere existence and start afresh.But we don’t get that chance, do we? Talking of disappearance, I was in school when my Grandfather left ourContinue reading “The Act of Disappearance!”

Why write a Blog?

I started making resolutions from past year; yeah I do mean “The New Year Resolutions”. So, one of my Resolution-2020 includes- doing something that I’ve never done. There really are so many things that I’ve never done ofcourse; but for now I’m choosing to write my heart out (As I’m unable to spill it throughContinue reading “Why write a Blog?”

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