Why write a Blog?

I started making resolutions from past year; yeah I do mean “The New Year Resolutions”.

So, one of my Resolution-2020 includes- doing something that I’ve never done.

There really are so many things that I’ve never done ofcourse; but for now I’m choosing to write my heart out (As I’m unable to spill it through my mouth most of the times).

I am habitual to writing down my thoughts in my notes, reading it to myself for sometime and then I end up deleting it. Everytime.

As I don’t think it’s good enough.

But, this one time I’m choosing not to decide it by myself.

I am gonna try to make this a “Window to my Soul”.

Published by altruisticwritings

Aloof. Love watching the Sky. Books. Tea. Music. Shells on the Beach. :)

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